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How to deal with the residue left on the body by midges, insects and birds? Go Go Insect, great stain cleaner

The proper car cleaning is extremely important: it preserves the paintwork and it gives a better picture. Keep clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of the car is not a foregone operation.It would have happened to you, at the end of a journey, to look at your car and notice a real massacre of gnats ....

The countless insects and their droppings that remain on the body and on the windows, if not faced with the right devices, can cause harmful consequences, both in terms of aesthetics and safety, especially in the summer months when the heat fixed residuals, in a particularly strong way on the paint.

It is very common phenomena that affect different parts of the car such as glass, bumpers, door mirrors and front grille that are often wrongly underestimated. Bird droppings and insects, if not properly treated, can create significant damages to the body. By the time, their removal becomes more and more difficult ending with causing irreversible problems.

How to deal with the residue left by midges, insects and birds? How can you avoid the opaque body? Our team of researchers, after several testing, propose to you the product Go Go Insect, great detergent to use as a pre-wash stain cleaner, suitable for pre-treating surfaces affected by dirt caused by insects, plant secretions, by bird droppings, by combustion and fuel residues.

Extremely suitable to undertake a proper cleaning and maintaining the brilliancy of your car.

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